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I have a pretty neat story to tell you…
My dad started planting Christmas trees in 1989. He can thank my great grandpa and grandma Valerio for that because they agreed to sell him some of their farm land to start planting. Before you know it, my two brothers, John and Michael and I were planting and harvesting Christmas trees with our dad. I can’t forget to mention my mom, Brenda. It’s because of her (the granddaughter of Louie and Yarda Valerio) my dad even had this opportunity! Mom teases saying “he married me for my land!”
I’ve learned a lot working on the tree plantation and soon fell in love with the Christmas tree business. I became very interested in the planting, maintaining and harvesting; yet, always wondering what it would be like to plant from seed.
In the fall of 2012, my dad told me Gress Nursery of Oconto, WI was for sale. After many months, my dad and I purchased it and spent the entire summer of 2013 moving the nursery to Niagara, WI. We will be moving the seedlings to plant as transplants this fall; yet, we’ll still have enough trees at Gress Nursery to sell the Spring of 2014. Please be patient with me for the next couple of years as tree species and quantity may be limited. But once I get rolling, I will offer you the same personal service you received from Gress Nursery all those years.
   ~Joey Swanson

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